10 Tips for nutrition

I recently read two books.

‘ Wheat belly’ by William Davis, MD

and ‘Deep Nutrition’ by Catharine Shanahan, MD

I have learned the following tips for nutrition:

  1. Don’t eat wheat.
    The wheat that we have on our plates today isn’t wat it used to be. It has been hybridized and crossed to gain optimal resistance to be able to provide for larger crops. It contains gluten and a lot of people are gluten intolerant. Also it is addictive and causes insulin resistance
  2. Don’t eat sugar.
    Fat was long demonized as it was thought that fat was unhealthy. That caused a rise in low-fat foods that were made tasty and addictive by injecting sugar. Basically we went from eating fat to carbohydrates. Which as a result caused insulin resistance and obesity.
  3. Restrict carbohydrates.
    Unlike essential fat and essential proteins there is no such thing as essential carbohydrates.
  4. Don’t eat vegetable oil like canola, soy, sunflower, corn,… instead eat coconut and olive oil.
    Eat real butter instead of margarine. Margarine is a transfat, a cheaper substitute just one molecule away from being plastic.
  5. Eat a variety of organic fresh vegetables
    Storing vegetables decreases their nutrient value. Eating biological famed food decreases their toxic load.
  6. Eat organ meat.
    Organ meat has a lot of vitamins
  7. Eat bone broth.
    Bone broth is packed with nutrition’s
  8. Eat grass fed beef
    Cows that eat corn aren’t as healthy as cows that graze on grass.
  9. Don’t eat processed food.
    Processed food is basically cheap carbohydrates covered in fat and sugar and is very addictive.
  10. Eat traditional food.
    Our ancestors took great care of the food they ate and this led to their survival.

I haven’t smoked for 40 days

Almost 41 days ago I switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping. And it’s going well. Once I had the right nicotine concentration the craving for a smoke almost disappeared. I even found two cigarettes in my closet while I was cleaning last week. I felt the temptation but I just threw them away.

I will gently reduce the nicotine to hopefully be nicotine free some months in the future.

Alas quitting cigarettes had a downside I feel terrible about. I gained lots of weight (I’m talking 7 kilo’s) as I can’t seem to control my eating. Yesterday I ate ham and two slices of bread, a piece of pork meat and 1 kilo (I know it’s a lot) of spinach and I gained 1 kilo overnight. I am also wondering if the sweetness of the e liquid is causing an insulin peak every time I vape. I really have to get in control. I didn’t lose 23 kilo’s only to gain weight again. It’s getting hard to fit in my clothes and I already donated all my ‘fat’ clothes last summer. I don’t want to have to buy new ‘fat’ clothes.

On an other note, I have applied for a job as lab technician in bacteriology. The position is already filled in but they would like a personal talk to put me in the reserve for if a new opportunity opens up. It’s in my hometown, so very easy for me. So although I didn’t get the job, it’s not all bad news.

Book Review ” The Owner’s Manual for the Brain”

Although this book has some dated references it is still a great book to learn about how the brain works and how you can apply the science of the brain into your every day life. It covers anything f51EXy-eGn9L._SX390_BO1,204,203,200_rom the growing up brain to how to get better sleep. Sometimes pretty heavy on the research but everyone can master trough it. It’s it a good overall summary but if you really want to get to things you should still read some books on a specific area. I enjoyed the book but I wished it got deeper in to some subject. Some people use it as a reference but I prefered to read it back to back. There is still a lot to learn about how the brain works and this book is just a step in getting into that direction.

One step at a time

According to my quit smoking app I’ve been cigarette free for 22 days. That’s just over 3 weeks. I’ve tried to quit smoking many times before but it never worked. I am not nicotine free since now I am vaping with 12 mg, but I would like to gradually reduce the nicotine content of my e liquids. I have to say for me it’s not cheaper than smoking. I used to spend about 40 euro a month for tobacco (aldi) and filter tubes. While e liquid in the shop is about 4.50 euro and it doesn’t last very long. My previous try outs I used an online shop where they sell it cheaper, like 2.5 euro but they don’t ship anymore to Belgium (Why???). But I am good with vaping. The only down parts is I am not getting any sun anymore (meaning I don’t go out to the garden to have my smoke). Actually I really don’t get out much.

I’ve been working out (yay!) until I recently fell down the stairs with my slippery slippers ( I am still thinking about what to do, replace them or keep using them and risking another slide, they are lovely, just not safe), so I have done nothing since then, being blue (literary) and hurting. But coming Monday I will restart. I am lifting (for me) heavy weights now. Okay I didn’t last more than 1 repetition with the 20 kilo bench press but I did with the squats and barbell row. Just beginning so, so far so good right?

I failed at my 1 year buy-clothing-ban. I already did in the summer when I went to the beach. I have since June bought 3 pieces. A cardigan, a short and a dress. It is still a lot less then I used to (buying clothes like every 2 weeks, no wonder I was broke all the time) but I failed and could do better. Lots of things could be better.

I hope I can get my driving license end August or September. I still haven’t practiced parking. I know I should but I never feel like it. So this is another working point.

I also plan to look for work once I have the license, wether I am feeling good or really bad. I’ve stayed at home so long doing nothing. There’s an open position at our local hospital for medical office assistance. I would like to do that but don’t have the degree. Also it’s only part time and I want full time. Otherwise I would have applied anyway. Job 5 minutes from home seemed like a great idea.
Once I have a job I want to study IT from home. It would take me six year but there’s a future in it. As a research lab technician I already have to commute at least 50 km to get a job. With public transport it takes 3 hours going and back. I don’t see myself doing that. I also don’t want to leave my parents place yet as it is ideal to save up money not paying rent. I want my own house one day.

I’ve started living a more conscious life, meaning I understand there is to much plastic in our world messing up oceans and producing toxins in out food and water. Although I would like to live zero waste free it is really hard. I want one day to make my own soaps and shampoo and conditioner, etc. I already use reusable shopping bags and produce bag but switching my toothbrush for a bamboo one hasn’t happened yet. And although there are many things I am willing to change, I am not so sure about home made toothpaste on a stick.

My ideal home would be minimalistic ( I know, I have lots of stuff) and ecological. These are things I am growing into.

I have lots of things to improve and do, as my friend always says “one step at a time”.


No More Excuses

I feel really depressed and hopeless because of many things I can’t control. So I decided to do what I can about things I can control.

Today I am 72.1 kg, I gained 10 kg this year. This has to change, no more excuses. I am gonna work hard to get this number reduced. I will work out and stick to keto and fasting. I already did 3 workouts of 2 hours this week and today will be the 4th.

I also started vaping now instead of smoking cigarettes. I eventually want to lower the nicotine till I vape without it so I can totally quit vaping too. Quit bad habits and build new good habits. I just need to get going and keep going for at least 21 days. That’s the time you need to build a new habit.

I joined the free athletes of Freeletics which works with body weight. Next to that I’m doing weight training with dumbbells and running, I’m also interested in free workouts from bodyrock. Lisa Marie from bodyrock has the figure I want to achieve, slim and strong. I can only use the workouts on Facebook because the rest is too expensive, as I am trying to live frugally.


And there’s of course fitness blender if I want other workouts on youtube for free

When I finally get my weight down to my goal weight of 50 kg and can maintain I’ll start looking for a volunteer job as a lab technician in research. That’s the next phase, gain enough work experience to be able to find a real job.

In the meantime I also have to practice driving. I want to take my driving exam in september 2018.

And if I can learn Thai along the way that would be great too. We are expecting Thai family in spring.

Fail Fail Fail

Everything I tried for the past months has resulted in failures. I didn’t manage to fast, actually I gained weight. I just learned driving in the morning, went on facebook and lay in bed for the rest of the day, with a lack of energy and being tired. This is partially cause I went off 1 of my sleeping meds and I slept really bad. I tried and wasted money on several herbal supplements and tinctures to no avail. I recently got back on but can’t seem to do anything yet. I’ve run 2 times this month for a miserable 2.5 Km. I didn’t stop smoking so I also spend money again on tobacco, instead of vaping. Somehow the latter doesn’t work for me. I find I get liquid in my mouth and that it leaks around. I’m also constantly coughing with it. I’m broke at the end of the month still paying for my car. I can’t live like this. I need emergency funds in my account for peace of mind. Planning on selling the car when I got my driving license (which I feel I’ll never get) and when I should renew the insurance. I’m not a happy driver anyway. Yes, it comes in handy for grocery shopping and going to places not to far. But the price you pay is just to much. Surely when you don’t work. I don’t dare to drive far with it, then I take the train. If I would work in Ghent commuting would be easier by car, but can I really stomach sitting in traffic every morning and evening. Then again, can I get used to commuting 3 hours a day with train and bus.

I’m not progressing and have been feeling down again. I don’t feel like doing much, I already feel I’m overwhelmed with family obligations and pressure.

I’m going to pay off the last 500 euro for my car next month. And then I just need to see I get by with a little more than 300 which should be enough. Longing for October already. This is not a summer I enjoy. I just want to get things over with, especially the driving license. Want to go to the middle of nowhere and hide for a long time. From the world, from my family and from myself. Really prefer living on my own.

Starting a fast

Today I’m starting a 40 days fast. I will loose weight, save money on food since I won’t buy any and as a bonus I will have only have little bit of dishes to do (just my morning cup of coffee and a spoon). All wins for me!

When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was 67.8 kg. I hope to loose about 15 kg. Of course if I feel really bad or feel true hunger I’ll have to eat. But I’m hoping for 40 days.
I’ll take a multivitamin and magnesium daily. I probably will have to drink salt water too.

I’m excited about it. I only fasted for 3 days when I was 15 or so, so I have never done this before. But I believe I can. Sure I’ll feel hunger but that comes in waves and will pass. It will be hard on me that’s for sure cause I like eating. I’m guessing I’ll gain back 2 to 3 kg once I start re-feeding.



Frugal June

I recently bought a car. But I still haven’t paid it in full. I am in debt with my mam who financed the purchase. I already paid her back 600 €. So I have to save money to pay the rest.  I’ll try to spend a maximum of 300 € this month. I could just not drive and save on gas, but since I actually want to obtain my driving license I have to practice a lot.

I still have some chicken, fish and 4 pieces of beef in de freezer, plus some veggies. I’ll try not to spend more than 75 € on groceries this month. I used to live of 20€ a week when I lived in Ghent. But I also turned out to be underfed and anemic then. Basically I need proteins, veggies and fat, sticking to the essentials. When I read blog about frugality they are giving tips on saving money, but I find that I am already doing most of it. I am not really going out much. I went out eating 2 this year, once at a shushi bar with friends where I paid 10 euro and once with my aunt and uncle and they paid.I can only save on food and tobacco. I’ll try vaporing instead of smoking, already have al the materials.

I also put myself on a 1-year buying clothes ban. I organized my closet the other day and gave 4 bags to charity. I seem to have enough clothes.

After I pay off my car debt I’ll try to save up 2000 € as emergency cash. I hope to achieve that by the end of January 2018.

Fasting: The why?

Why do I want to fast?

Fasting is the most efficient way to reduce insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is when fat, muscle and liver cells do not respond well to insulin and cannot take glucose up from the blood. This has as a result that glucose builds up in the blood and the pancreas starts to make more insulin. If the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to keep up in demand, blood sugar rises. This is a circle in where you will need more and more insulin to function and this can lead to pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2. To know if you are insulin resistant you should test your fasting insulin levels.

Fasting is also great for fat loss. Energy for food is stored as glycogen or fat. Once your body runs out of glycogen it will start burning fat. Note that low insulin levels are necessary to make the stored fat available. You will get in a ketogenic state where fatty acids will be broken down with the production of keton bodies, meanwhile giving energy. Unlike what most people believe, you don’t need glucose to fuel your brain, the brain can use keton bodies.
You can also achieve this by following a ketogenic diet, meaning low carb, moderate protein and high fat intake. To calculate your keto macro’s you can use this site http://mariamindbodyhealth.com/keto-calculator/

Fasting increases mental focus. I have noticed having been doing IF and only eating in the evening I do more during my day. If I have a breakfast or a lunch I usually feel tired and want to go to bed. The lower the insulin, the better.

Fasting for 3 to 5 days improves immune function because of apoptosis and autophagy. Junk goes away and the cell renews itself. Dysfunctional autophagy may lead to Alzheimer disease or even cancer.

Fasting can be used to lower triglycerides levels in the blood. High levels of triglycerides are a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Lowering your levels of triglycerides also lowers your Low Density Lipoproteins since the triglycerides that are released from the liver are a precursor for LDL.

Fasting is also cheap since there is no need in buying food. And you can do it anytime anywhere.

So these are the main reasons I want to fast.

However I don’t suggest you start fasting right away. If you’re underweight, still growing, pregnant or breastfeeding you certainly should not fast. In any case it is best that you do it under guidance of your GP

For more in dept information read the book ‘The complete guide to fasting’ from Dr. Jason Fung. Most of this information I got out of that book.

City of muses

A January evening

a Saturday night

my city of muses

my city of light


Fond memories

of walking the streets

first not knowing to what

or where it leads


Walking around

with a map in my hand

gradually starting

to appreciate the land


At the main market

a beautiful town hall

at another square

beetle pierced on a pole


City of students

like me then

had to leave you

here I am again